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Microlease Leasing and Financial Solutions
Microlease supports customers with unique Financial Solutions to make acquiring Test Equipment cost effective.
In today's climate it’s essential for companies to continue acquiring the Test Equipment needed for growth, even with ever tightening budgets. Our innovative range of Test Equipment Financial Solutions helps meet this challenge across a range of brands and products.
An Operating Lease from Microlease gives you a long-term rental arrangement with tax benefits that offers the lowest possible monthly cost for Test Equipment. A Finance Lease from Microlease gives you a long-term payment plan which is tailored to you, giving the option to buy the equipment at the end.
Divide-by-12 gives you the option to Buy New or Buy Used Test Equipment and spread the costs over 12 months.
Rent-to-Buy enables you to Rent Test Equipment with the option to purchase outright.
Whatever solution you choose, we help you save valuable capital, spread costs, improve cash flow and greatly reduce the cost of ownership.
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