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New Price - GDS-300/200 Series
The brilliant design and unique features of GDS-300/200 have become a stunning attraction to a group of users who enjoy the full-fledged functions and user-friendly operations of this portable scope since its availability in the market.
Offer Ends: 24/04/2019
Strumenti in Offerta
Noleggio, Acquista Nuovo o Usato Garantito
(Certified Pre-Owned)

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Offer Ends: 31/12/2017
Ex Stock 30% off
Keysight Clearance, 30% off whilst stocks last, please phone for a quote referencing 'KS30%OFF'

*Only available within the UK and Italy

These are unused and unopened, ex-stock products. A 3 year Keysight warranty is included as standard.
Some items may be calibration due.

Offer Ends: 31/12/2017
Limited Lifetime Warranty Introduction

Increase your product value with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that comes as standard with the GW Instek GDS-1000A-U/GDS-1000-U/GDS-1000A/GDS-1000/GDS-2000 Series DSO, simply by registering your product

Offer Ends: 30/06/2019
6.012 "Score 2 Scopes" oscilloscope promotion
Customers can receive a complimentary InfiniiVision DSOX1102G 100 MHz real-time oscilloscope with the purchase of an InfiniiVision 3000T or 4000 X-Series oscilloscope.
Offer Ends: 30/09/2017
6.013 - 35% off BenchVue 2017 Software
Get More Productive with Keysight’s BenchVue 2017 Software For a limited time save 35%
Offer Ends: 30/09/2017
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