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Microlease Calibration and Repair
Europe's Leading Specialist
As Europe's leading specialist in Test and Measurement Equipment rental for over 30 years, Microlease has developed an experienced division delivering high quality calibration and repair services, dedicated to keeping customers' Test Equipment in peak condition.
Experts in precision
With over 25 professionally trained engineers and technicians at our lab in Harrow, Microlease provides quick and accurate calibration and repair service for customers throughout the world.
We go further
But we are dedicated to more than just accuracy. We understand that competitive pricing, quality and speed of service are essential for today's fast-moving and demanding industries.
In addition to our standard 5-day calibrations, we offer a premium 2-day service. For urgent projects, we can calibrate equipment 'while-you-wait' or, where appropriate, visit your premises and calibrate on-site. We also provide a convenient pick-up and delivery service, depending on your requirements.
To cover downtime, depending on availability, we can provide you with replacement equipment on short term rent, while your own equipment is being calibrated or repaired.
Calibration Results and Electrical Safety checks are supplied as standard, but we also go further to ensure all equipment is labelled and fitted with integrity seals, equipment and air filters are cleaned, and minor adjustments are made free of charge.
Our web-based Calibration Management Sytem allows you to keep track of equipment and assist with your calibration planning and scheduling.
Certificates of Calibration
To comply with your own management systems, we can provide certificates with your equipment upon return, hold a copy at our lab, or hold it electronically in PDF Format in our industry leading Calibration Management System. This removes the need for customers to have onsite storage of calibration records. These are held for 3 or 5 years, depending on your requirements and are available for download in the future.
We offer standard warranties for all OEM repairs and, if new OEM-supplied parts are used in the repair, we provide a 3-month warranty. If 2nd user spares are used, due to age of equipment or retired products, we provide a 30-day warranty.
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