Advantest U3741 RF Spectrum Analyzers


Field Use Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency range : 9 kHz to 3 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth : 100 Hz to 1 MHz
Noise Floor/Dynamic range : -123dBm to -123 dBm
9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • High-stability Frequency Reference Source
  • EMC Filter
  • Tracking Generator (3GHz, -60dBm, 50ohm)
9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • High-stability Frequency Reference Source
  • EMC Filter
  • Tracking Generator (3GHz, -60dBm, 50ohm)
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The 3 GHz U3741 spectrum analyzer is a high-frequency instrument that supports cost reduction for consumer-electronics production. It features upgraded measuring speed using high-speed processing, a compact lightweight design, and it is the lowest cost Spectrum Analyzer with basic functionality in this class.

Measuring frequencies in the 9kHz to 3GHz band, it performs at twice the speed of the previous model (the R3131A), and offers a higher level of overall accuracy: ±0.8dB at 1GHz, as opposed to ±1.5dB. It can also measure transmission power - a function essential to wireless device performance evaluation - rapidly and with a high degree of accuracy, thus contributing significantly to production line efficiency. The product boasts a compact body (1/2 the size of the R3131A) - a design characteristic it shares with the other models in the U3700 series - and a removable external battery that allows for two hours of continuous operation. Its standard configuration includes every interface currently in use. Additionally, an option permitting impedance entry at 75 ohms makes the U3741 an optimal tool for electromagnetic environment analyses, including terrestrial digital TV reception problems.

Key Features and Specifications
  • 9 kHz to 3 GHz
  • 100 Hz to 1 MHz Resolution Bandwidth
  • -85 dBc/Hz (at 10kHz offset) Signal Purity
  • +/- 1dB (9kHz to 10MHz), +/- 0.8dB (10MHz to 3GHz) Overall Level of Accuracy
  • +30dBm Maximum input level
  • 0 to 50dB Input attenuator
  • Normal, Positive, Negative, Sample, RMS, Average Trace Detector
  • -123dBm or less (preamplifier off)/-138dBm or less (preamplifier on) Average Display noise level
Now Available! 2 Channel Input Option

The 2 channel input option (Opt. 10) provides 2 RF-input measurement that operate independently. Various measuring conditions such as measuring frequency or span can be set individually. The devices, including different communication systems showing a mixture of wireless LAN and Bluetooth® can be measured, so that high-speed processing can be achieved by measuring the set items in parallel. Furthermore, since the sweep trigger has a start mode for simultaneous sweeps, the synchronous spectrum can be measured at different frequency bands. The 2 channel input option allows a unique measuring method, which is an option beyond the conventional spectrum analyzer.

Now Available! Time-based Analysis Option

In order to produce or maintain equipment utilizing a digital modulation that is used for information-communication terminals, in-car electronics, game machines, etc., it is important to analyze the variations of power, phase, and frequency on a time basis, as well as a function of the conventional sweep type spectrum analyzer. The OPT.53 is capable of installing a function of time-based fundamental analysis, and outputting IQ signals externally. We supply the function of time-based analysis even to the manufacture and maintenance departments of equipment, at a low price.

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