Advantest U3751 RF Spectrum Analyzers


Field Use Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency range : 9 kHz to 8 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth : 300 Hz to 3 MHz
Noise Floor/Dynamic range : -134 dBm to +30 dBm
8GHz Spectrum Analyser
  • High-stability Frequency Reference Source
  • EMC Filter
  • Tracking Generator (3GHz, -30dBm, 50ohm)
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The U3751 8 GHz Portable Spectrum Analyzer equally suitable for use on wireless communication device production lines and for field uses such as electromagnetic environment testing. The main unit weighs 5.6 kgs. or less and is designed to save space. The U3751 is twice as fast as its predecessor and is equipped with features such as LAN, designed specifically for the production line. Digitization of the IF section has enabled level measurements with outstanding reproducibility.

With a three-way power supply that includes battery operation, better level accuracy, and a warm-up time of five minutes, this analyzer is easy to use in the field.

The U3751 includes basic spectrum analyzer measurement functions and options such as an internal tracking generator. All of these features to make the U3571 a portable spectrum analyzer for both factory and field use.

Key Features
  • Compact and light-weight
    5.6kg or less
  • Improved through-put
    2x processing speed of previous model
  • Best-in-class overall level accuracy
  • RMS wave detector for essential power measurements
Now Available! Time-Based Analysis Option

In order to produce or maintain equipment utilizing a digital modulation that is used for information-communication terminals, in-car electronics, game machines, etc., it is important to analyze the variations of power, phase, and frequency on a time basis, as well as a function of the conventional sweep type spectrum analyzer. The OPT.53 is capable of installing a function of time-based fundamental analysis, and outputting IQ signals externally. We supply the function of time-based analysis even to the manufacture and maintenance departments of equipment, at a low price.

Now Available! 6 GHz Tracking Generator Option

High-frequency information equipment such as Wireless LAN and ETC have spread rapidly. On the testing process of high-frequency devices such as antennas or filters, cost reduction has emerged as a formidable challenge to us. Because the tracking generator OPT.77 supports up to 6 GHz, the generator is capable of supporting up to 6 GHz of devices, which the conventional OPT.76 (3 GHz) tracking generator could not support. On the other hand, the OPT.77 can support a wide range of devices such as high-frequency information equipment, so that the OPT.77 makes a great contribution to reducing the cost of testing various devices used for information equipment.

Advantest U3700 Series Spectrum Analyzers Products

U3700 - Upgrade for High-Stability Freq. Ref.
U3741 - Field Use Spectrum Analyzer
U3751 - Field Use Spectrum Analyzer
U3771 - Field Use Spectrum Analyzer
U3772 - Field Use Spectrum Analyzer
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