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Premier Upgrade Service

Premier Upgrade Service
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Maximize the Capabilities of Your E5515B/C Wireless Communications Test Sets
The rapid evolution of wireless technology can make it challenging to keep all of your test sets updated with the latest features, performance, and functionality—until now. Agilent Technologies introduces the new E5515U Premier Upgrade Service.
Premier Upgrade Service for Your Multi-unit Upgrade Needs
When you need to add the latest features and 3.5G multi-format capability to multiple test sets (recommended minimum is 15 units), let Agilent make it easy for you. With the E5515U, Agilent delivers an upgrade specialist to your door so you can stay focused on your work. This specialist determines which upgrade parts and software licenses are required for each of your test sets, and completes the paperwork necessary to deliver precisely what you need.
And the service does not end there. After you receive the upgrade material, an Agilent installation team arrives on your site. They will quickly upgrade your test sets to a uniform configuration equivalent to an E5515C loaded with the latest versions of the -002 second source and -003 flexible CDMA base station emulator options—even if the units did not have both of these options previously installed! As a result, you get the capability to run the latest test applications and the latest features with a minimum of downtime.
And all upgrades are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet specifications and performance, giving you the highest possible confidence in your test sets. All you need to do is provide a workspace and Agilent technicians do the rest.
Once completed, your test sets are optimized for performance. You’ll benefit from all of the latest 3G and 3.5G enhancements—which are aimed at helping you get your job done in less time. Why go without these valuable updates and risk loosing your competitive edge? Use the E5515U Premier Upgrade Service and do more with your existing test sets.
Plus, with the E5515U you get all of this for an attractive fixed price per test set.
We’re making it easy! Simply place the order and let Agilent do the rest.
Get the Benefits Today!
3G and 3.5G
Stay on the leading edge of technology with UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, cdma2000, 1xEV-DO Rev A and 1xEV-DO Rev B technology support.
Faster test times
Reduce test time by adding support for the latest fast mobile phone calibration measurement techniques such as fast device tune, dynamic power, and phase and amplitude versus time, as well as by upgrading to the latest hardware.
Higher asset utilization
Uniformly-configured multi-format capable test sets provide you flexibility to rapidly shift your testing between wireless formats.
Be ready for the future
Most future features and capability can be added with simple, quick, software upgrades.

Key Specification

Features Making upgrading easy!
Premier Upgrade Service for multiple unit upgrade needs
Upgrade your E5515B/C instruments to the latest 3.5G multi-format capabilities
Get all the latest test applications features and support for GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, W-CDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA, cdma2000, and 1xEV-DO Rev 0/Rev A/Rev B
Easy ordering and upgrade process—Agilent coordinates the entire process for you
On-site installation possible in most locations (recommended minimum of 15 units) and fully test to specifications included
Minimized instrument downtime saves you time and money
Standard fixed price for upgrading any E5515B/C to 3.5G multi-format capability
E5515U OPTIONS (71)
E1962B-401 CDMA2000 Rel A new control channels
E1962B-402 Advanced AMPS measurements
E1962B-403 CDMA2000 authentication
E1962B-405 CDMA2000 Digital bus (fading)
E1962B-406 CDMA2000 Multi-unit sync
E1962B-407 CDMA2000 Protocol logging
E1962B-409 CDMA2000 SMS
E1962B-410 CDMA2000 1x Advanced
E1963A-401 W-CDMA End-to-End Video
E1963A-402 W-CDMA Video Loopback
E1963A-403 HSDPA test modes
E1963A-405 HSDPA 14.4Mbps Test Mode
E1963A-408 W-CDMA Enhanced Audio
E1963A-409 W-CDMA Adv. SMS
E1963A-413 HSUPA test modes
E1963A-423 HSPA+ Test Mode
E1966A-102 1xEV-DO Rel A and B
E1966A-103 1xEV-DO Multicarrier
E1966A-104 Rel B Optional DRC
E1966A-405 1xEV-DO Digital bus (fading)
E1966A-406 1xEV-DO Multi-unit sync
E1966A-407 1xEV-DO Protocol logging
E1968A-104 Evolved EDGE functionality
E1968A-406 VAMOS
E1968A-408 GSM/GPRS Enhanced Audio
E1968A-409 GSM/GPRS Adv. SMS
E1968A-410 EGPRS phase and amplitude vs time
E1968A-411 IQ capture
E1968A-417 8PSK Distortion calibration
E1968A-419 Mobile Calculated BER
E1968A-430 Class 34
E1968A-431 Class 45
E1969A-101 TD-SCDMA Non Signaling test mode
E1969A-201 TD-SCDMA Signaling mode
E1969A-403 TD-HSDPA
E1976A-102 1xEV-DO Rel A and B FTM
E1999A-202 FDT Enhanced
E1999A-206 Single channel GPS source
E1999A-301 PESQ Measurement
E1999A-501 2-box Voice Handover
E5515C-162 E1969A-201 TD-SCDMA Signaling mode
E5515C-SS1 Tripp-Lite surge suppresser 120V
E5515C-SS2 Tripp-Lite surge suppresser 220/240V
E5515CU-506 MDC Upgrade 1
E5515CU-514 Add E5515C-004, CDMA fading capability (BBIO, cables)
E5515CU-609 RFIO Upgrade 2
E5515U-002 E5515C Hardware - TA upgrade service
E5515U-022 E5515C Hardware - TA suite upgrade service
E5515U-102 Option 002 HW Kit
E5515U-103 Option 003 HW Kit
E5515U-110 RF Out Only HW Kit
E5515U-201 Hard Drive
E5515U-202 LSS Analog
E5515U-203 TDMA Baseband Generator
E5515U-207 RTI
E5515U-209 ADC
E5515U-210 Synth Dbl
E5515U-211 Vector
E5515U-213 Host Proc
E5515U-214 3 GHz Attn
E5515U-215 Protocol Proc 3
E5515U-216 DSP 3
E5515U-218 LSS Digital 3
E5515U-219 Rear Panel 3
E5515U-221 DDC
E5515U-223 TDMA BBG 2
E5515U-224 Baseband Generator 1 for EEDGE
E5515U-225 Baseband Generator 2 for EEDGE
E5515U-PK1 Packaging Material
E5515U-PK2 Packaging Material
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