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ParBERT system extension

ParBERT System Extension
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ParBERT system extension
81250AU OPTIONS (48)
8121-1226 Power Cord Cable Assembly - Europe and South Korea C13, 10A, 250V
81250A-152 Expander Frame with IEEE 1394 connection - for Firewire controler only
81250A-900 Power cord - United Kingdom
81250A-901 Power cord - Australia and New Zealand
81250A-902 Power cord - Continental Europe
81250A-903 Power cord - United States and Canada (120V)
81250A-906 Power cord - Switzerland
81250A-912 Power cord - Denmark
81250A-917 Power cord - India
81250A-918 Power cord - Japan
81250A-919 Power Cord - Israel
81250A-920 Power Cord-Argentina
81250A-921 Power Cord-Chile
81250A-922 Power cord - China
81250A-927 Power cord - Thailand
81250AR-152 Expander frame with IEEE 1394 connection - for firewire controller only - refurbished
81250AU-013 IEEE 1394 PC link to VXI (Firewire) for 81250A ParBERT
81250AU-015 Notebook PC / MS Windows XP Systemcontroller for 81250A ParBERT
E4805B-ATO 2.7 GHz Central Clock Module
E4805BR-FG 2.7 Gb/s central clock module - refurbished
E4808A-ATO 10.8 GHz High Performance Central Clock Module
E4808AR-FG 10.8 Gb/s high performance central clock mdule - refurbished
E4809A-001 Deskew Kit
E4809A-1A7 Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding (Not Accredited)
E4809A-ATO 13.5 Gb/s clock module
E4809AR-FG 13.5 Gb/s clock module - refurbished
E4832A-ATO 675 MHzModule for 4xE4838A, 2xE4835 or 2xE4838+1xE4835
E4835A-FG Two 333kHz - 675 MHz Data Analyzer Front Ends
E4838A-FG 333kHz - 675 MHz Data Generator Front End
E4861B-ATO 3.35 Gbit/s Generator/Analyzer Module
E4861BR-FG 3.35 Gb/s generator / analyzer module - refurbished
E4862B-ATO 3.35 Gbit/s Generator Front End
E4862BR-FG 3.35 Gb/s generator front end - refurbished
E4863B-ATO 3.35 Gbit/s Analyzer Front End
E4863BR-FG 3.35 Gb/s analyzer front end - refurbished
E8491B-CFG001 IEEE-1394 PC Link to VXI with options STD
N4872A-1A7 Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding (Not Accredited)
N4872A-ATO 13.5 Gb/s Generator
N4872AR-FG 13.5 Gb/s generator - refurbished
N4873A-1A7 Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding (Not Accredited)
N4873A-ATO 13.5 Gb/s Analyzer Module
N4873AR-FG 13.5 Gb/s analyzer - refurbished
N4874A-ATO 7 Gb/s generator
N4874AR-FG 7 Gb/s generator - refurbished
N4875A-ATO 7 Gb/s analyzer module
N4875AR-FG 7 Gb/s analyzer -refurbished
N4911A-002 Adapter 3.5 mm female to 2.4 mm male
N4911A-004 Termination SMA 50 Ohms
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