Keysight (Agilent) Technologies E4360A DC Power Supplies


Modular Solar Array Simulator Mainframe 1200W, GPIB, LAN, USB, LXI

Power : 600 watts to 1200 watts
Current : 0 A
Voltage : 0 V
# of outputs : 1 to 4
Modular Solar Array Simulator Mainframe 1200W, GPI
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The Agilent 1200W, E4360A Modular Solar Array Simulator is a 2U high, 2-slot mainframe that accepts up to 2 E4360 series modules. Modules are ordered separately. It offers LAN, USB, and GPIB interfaces standard.


  Overview of the modules available for this E4360A Mainframe

Key Specification

Maximum Total Output Power (= Sum of Total Module Output Power)

  • 1200 W when operating from 200 - 240 VAC input
  • 600 W when operating from 100 - 120 VAC input

AC Input

  • Nominal Input Ratings: 100 VAC - 240 VAC; 50/60/400 Hz
  • Input Range: 86 VAC - 264 VAC
  • Maximum Input Power: 2000 VA, 2000 W

Protection Response Characteristics

  • INH input: 5 µs from receipt of inhibit to start of shutdown
  • Fault on coupled outputs: < 10 µs from receipt of fault to start of shutdown

E4360A OPTIONS (25)
8120-2956 Power Cord Cable Assembly - Denmark
E4360A-0B0 Download the product manual from the Keysight website
E4360A-0L1 English Printed Manual Set (full documentation on CD-ROM)
E4360A-900 Power cord - United Kingdom
E4360A-901 Power cord - Australia and New Zealand
E4360A-902 Power cord - Continental Europe
E4360A-903 Power cord - United States and Canada - 120V
E4360A-904 Power cord - United States and Canada - 240V
E4360A-906 Power cord - Switzerland
E4360A-908 Rackmount Kit
E4360A-912 Power cord - Denmark
E4360A-917 Power cord - India
E4360A-918 Power cord - Japan - 100V
E4360A-919 Power cord - Israel
E4360A-920 Power cord - Argentina
E4360A-921 Power cord - Chile
E4360A-922 Power cord - China - 250V
E4360A-923 Power cord - South Africa
E4360A-927 Power cord - Thailand and Philippines
E4360A-929 Power cord - Japan - 250V
E4360A-930 Power cord - Brazil
E4360A-931 Power cord - Taiwan
E4360A-932 Power cord - Cambodia
E4360A-TRY Cardboard Filler Panel
R-51B-001-5Z Warranty Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
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