Keysight (Agilent) Technologies 33511B Function/Pulse Generators


33500B Series Waveform generator, 20 MHz, 1-channel with arb

20MHz,1CH Waveform Generator
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Agilent 33500B Series waveform generators with exclusive Trueform signal generation technology offer more capability, fidelity and flexibility than traditional DDS generators. Easily generate the full range of signals you need to your devices with confidence the signal generator is outputting the signals you expect. The 33509B can be easily upgraded to 30 MHz and arbitrary waveform capabilities can be added as your needs change.

Key Features & Specifications

Exclusive Trueform technology
Unmatched capabilities for generating a full range of signals for your most demanding measurements
Sine waves with 5x lower harmonic distortion for more pure signals
Pulses up to 20 MHz with 10x less jitter for more precise timing
Optional point-by-point arbitrary waveform capability with sequencing for more accurate representation of user-defined signals

Instrument features
160 MSa/s sampling rate for higher time resolution arbitrary waveforms
16-bit resolution with 1 mVpp to 10 Vpp amplitude for greater amplitude accuracy
With arb upgrade 1 MSa/channel standard waveform memory, optional 16 MSa/channel for your longest waveforms
USB, LAN (LXI-C), GPIB standard for quick and easy connectivity to PC or network

Waveform creation and editing (with arb upgrade)
Get advanced signal creation/editing capability without tedious programming with
33503A BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro and Basic Software
Create a waveform from the front panel using the built-in editor
Capture a waveform from an oscilloscope and download it to the generator
Create a waveform in MATLAB, Microsoft® Excel, etc. and download it to the generator

33511B OPTIONS (11)
33511B-A6J ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration
33511B-MEM Add 16M memory
33511B-OCX Add high-stability OCXO timebase
33511B-PLG Continental European power cord - ONLY FOR EU DISTR W MULT PWR CORD STANDARDS
33511B-SEC Enable NISPOM and file security
EDEL-ONLY-01 License certificate delivery - email only
R-50C-011-3 Calibration Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 3 years
R-50C-011-5 Calibration Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
R-50C-011-MU-3 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties - 3 years
R-50C-011-MU-5 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties - 5 years
R-51B-001-5Z Warranty Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years

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