Keysight (Agilent) Technologies U4305A Logic Analyzers


Exerciser module for PCIe 8Gbps

Exerciser Module for PCIe 8Gbps
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Agilent´s PCIe Protocol Analyzer is a combination of hardware and software features that ensure the fastest time to insight.

Thorough link testing

The PCIe 3.0 Exerciser with pre-defined LTSSM test cases can help validate the complex and hard to test state transitions of DUT´s LTSSM. With the ability to emulate either a root complex or an end point in the same card, the PCIe 3.0 exerciser can help you validate your device whether it is a server or an add-in card. The emulated personality is easily switched through a simple software switch. The LTSSM test cases come with detailed reporting to clearly define the source of the failures, if found, for fast debug.

Aside from the pre-defined LTSSM test cases, the PCIe 3.0 Exerciser can be controlled also through an built-in API interface, which is backward compatible with Agilent’s PCIe 2.0 Exerciser. This allows customers to leverage test cases they have already developed for maximum investment protection.

Key Specification

Hardware support

  • Supports 2.5 GT/s (Gen1), 5.0 GT/s (Gen2) and 8.0 GT/s (Gen3) speeds
  • Link width support x1 through x16 lanes
  • Standard PCIe Half size card form factor, to fit into most platforms

LTSSM Software capabilities

  • Pre-defined LTSSM tests to help validate the complex and hard to test state transitions of the DUT’s LTSSM
  • Detailed reporting to clearly define source of problem for faster debug
  • Easy to use test architecture, single click to run all tests

U4305A OPTIONS (19)
8121-1226 Power Cord Cable Assembly - Europe and South Korea C13, 10A, 250V
N5316A Test Backplane for PCIe2
PS-S10 Remote scheduled productivity assistance. Select 1 to 999 hours.
PS-S20 Startup assistance
R-51B-001-5Z Warranty Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
U4305A-021 Protocol Test Card 3.0 software license
U4305A-022 Transaction layer end-to-end cyclic redundancy check (ECRC) software license
U4305A-024 Software license to enable five functions for use with MRIOV, SRIOV and PCIe Gen 3
U4305A-025 Multi root I/O virtualization software license
U4305A-026 Single root I/O virtualization software license
U4305A-1FP NVMe host (root complex) exerciser, fixed perpetual license
U4305A-2FP NVMe exerciser (Host and Endpoint emulation), fixed perpetual license 
U4305A-E01 Exerciser board x1 for PCIe 8Gbps
U4305A-E04 Exerciser board x4 for PCIe 8Gbps
U4305A-E08 Exerciser board x8 for PCIe 8Gbps
U4305A-E16 Exerciser board x16 for PCIe 8Gbps
U4305A-EX3 Exerciser software license for PCIe 8Gbps
U4305A-FFP PCIe RAS Test software, fixed perpetual license
U4305A-LT3 LTSSM software license
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