Keysight (Agilent) Technologies U4998A Logic Analyzers


HDMI 1.4 Protocol/Audio/Video Analyzer and Generator



The Agilent U4998A HDMI 1.4a protocol / audio / video analyzer and generator module enables you to test your devices to ensure they are compliant to the HDMI 1.4a compliance test specification (CTS). The U4998A directly replaces the Agilent N5998A, the reference high-speed protocol analyzer, video timing analyzer, video picture analyzer, audio timing analyzer, and audio/video protocol generator for HDMI compliance tests recommended by the HDMI 1.4a CTS.

The U4998A AXIe-based module is the first instrument to support source and sink compliance testing up to the maximum transition modulated differential signaling (TMDS) data rates of 3.4 Gbps – essential to support 4K x2K resolution. In addition, the module’s wide range of capabilities enable you to test legal codes, basic protocol, packet type, pixel encoding, video format timing, AVI Infoframe, ACR, audio sample packet jitter, deep color, 3D video format, and more.

• Have confidence in obtaining CTS certification on the first pass by performing in-house testing with the same equipment used by ATCs.
• Perform deeper analysis and identify the root cause of failures with the N5998U-DBG option.
• Automate your HDMI testing and remotely control the U4998A using the COM server embedded in the application software.

The U4998A HDMI is controlled by HDMI analysis software running on an external PC. The HDMI analysis software is part of the U4998A.

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Key Specification


  • Maximum data rate of 3.4 Gbps supports 4K x 2K, 3D, and deep color video formats
  • 3D generation and analysis
  • Extended colorimetry and content type support
  • 4 GB deep memory

HDMI 1.4a CTS test support

  • Source Tests: 7-16 through 7-19, 7-23 through 7-38, and 7-40
  • Sink Tests: 8-16, 8-21, 8-23, 8-29, 8-31 and, in conjunction with the Agilent E4887A TMDS Signal Generator, test 8-25.

Measurement modes

  • HDMI 1.4a capture with source compliance tests
  • HDMI 1.4a generation with sink compliance tests
  • Passive monitoring with pass through and mirror capabilities (via U4998U upgrade)

Configuration considerations

  • Compatible with M9502A 2-slot, M9505A 5-slot, or U4002A 2-slot modular chassis
  • Select appropriate PCIe adapter and cable for chassis and host PC combination
  • Requires host PC with Windows XP or Windows 7, Tested Computer List Technical Note

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