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2U RF Switch Platform with integrated switch driver, includes 64 switch drive lines

2U RF Switch Platform with integrated Switch Drive
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The Agilent L4490A RF Switch Platform provides the switch drive control and space to mount all the most popular switches and attenuators. It comes standard with 64 coil drives integrated into the enclosure and features a bottom plate with pre-drilled holes for mounting switches, attenuators and other signal conditioning components.

The distribution boards provide the right power and control signals using standard ribbon cables enabling simple connections to the switches. Switch sequences, verification, relay counts and the graphical Web interface ensure quick set-up and help reduce the time for troubleshooting and repair.

The RF Switch Platform easily integrates into your test environment with standard rack mount kits, LAN and GPIB connectivity, graphical Web interface and software drivers for the most common programming environments.

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Key Specification

  • Flexible mounting options for a robust and reliable switching system
  • 3D models included for quick RF cable layout and documentation
  • Graphical Web interface for quick setup, troubleshooting and support
  • Easy connection and control of all the most popular microwave switches and attenuators
  • Effective switch management with switch verification, sequences and relay counter
  • Software drivers for most common programming environments
  • LXI compliance includes Web interface and built-in Ethernet connectivity

L4490A OPTIONS (30)
L4490A-004 Add 16 bit Digital IO and 28 bits of relay drive lines
L4490A-0B0 Download the product manual from the Keysight website
L4490A-501 Power cord - right angle for United States and Canada
L4490A-900 Power cord - United Kingdom
L4490A-901 Power cord - Australia and New Zealand
L4490A-902 Power cord - Continental Europe
L4490A-903 Power cord - United States and Canada (120V)
L4490A-904 Power cord - United States and Canada (240V)
L4490A-906 Power cord - Switzerland
L4490A-912 Power cord - Denmark
L4490A-917 Power cord - India
L4490A-918 Power cord - Japan
L4490A-919 Power cord - Israel
L4490A-920 Power cord - Argentina
L4490A-921 Power cord - Chile
L4490A-922 Power cord - China
L4490A-923 Power cord - South Africa
L4490A-927 Power cord - Thailand
L4490A-930 Power cord - Brazil
L4490A-931 Power cord - Taiwan
L4490A-932 Power cord - Cambodia
L4490A-ABA English printed manual set included; full documentation on CD ROM
L4490A-AXA Standard rackmount flange kit
L4490A-AXB Standard rackmount kit with handles
Y1156A Diagnostics board for L449xA, 34945A and L4445A uW Switch Drivers
Y1171A Mounting bracket and ribbon cable for qty 5 N1810 Series Switches in the L4490A
Y1172A Mounting bracket and ribbon cable for qty 5 Multiport Series Switches in the L4490A/91A
Y1173A Mounting bracket and ribbon cable for qty 6 transfer Switches in the L4490A/91A (3 brackets and 6 cables)
Y1174A Mounting bracket and ribbon cable for qty 5 849xx Series attenuators in the L4490A/91A
Y1175A Mounting bracket for qty 5 8490 Series attenuators or 876x switches in the L4490/91A
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