Keysight (Agilent) Technologies N7623B RF Signal Generators


Signal Studio for Digital Video

Signal Studio for Digital Video
  • Connect to E4438C ESG, transportable perpetual license
  • Advanced DVB-T/H/C/J.83 Annex A/C, transportable perpetual license
  • Advanced J.83 Annex B, DOCSIS DS, transportable perpetual license
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Cost-effective signal creation for multiple digital video formats

N7623B Signal Studio for digital video enables you to easily create Agilent validated and performance optimized DVB-T/H/C/S/S2, ISDB-T/TSB/TB/Tmm, DTMB, CMMB, J.83 Annex A/B/C, DOCSIS DS, ATSC, ATSC-M/H and DVB-T2 waveforms. From a simple graphical user interface specify channel coding, modulation parameters, and OFDM frame structure. The software has the right performance and functionality for manufacturing, including the ability to configure PN, user-defined pattern payload or seamless continuous transport stream (TS) video files for component and receiver test.

Use it with our vector signal generators, which cover a breadth of communications formats, making it ideal for those integrating video, wireless connectivity, and mobile communications in a single receiver.

Choose the signal generator that best fits your R&D or manufacturing test needs

The N5182A MXG offers the industry-leading modulation accuracy and switching speeds making it ideal for component test and manufacturing.

The N5162A MXG ATE provides the same industry-leading capabilities and performance as the N5182A at a reduced price. These signal generators have been optimized for ATE needs with removal of the front-panel display and all connectors relocated to the rear panel.

The E4438C ESG provides lower phase noise, excellent level accuracy, fading capabilities, and digital I/Q inputs and outputs making it a good choice for R&D applications.

The E8267D PSG delivers the highest performance for your microwave test applications.

The N5106A combines multi-format baseband generation, real-time fading and signal capture in one box.

Key Specification

Signal Creation

  • DVB-T/H/C/S/S2, ISDB-T/TSB/TB/Tmm, DTMB, CMMB, J.83 Annex A/B/C, DOCSIS DS, ATSC, ATSC-M/H digital signals and DVB-T2
  • Real-time signal generation for DVB-T/H (running with N5106A PXB)
  • Trim and edit input transport stream (TS) files for seamless video file playback
  • Create fully coded multicarrier signals for component and receiver test

Hardware Platform Control and Additive Impairments

  • Compatible instruments: ESG, PSG and MXG signal generators, and PXB baseband generator and channel emulator
  • Control frequency, amplitude, ALC, waveform scaling, triggers, markers, and more
  • IQ impairments and real-time AWGN
  • Digital video application bundle for performance test including real-time fading, real-time AWGN, interference tests etc. N5106A-186

Automation and Communication Interface

  • Automate test with .NET API
  • API HELP system
  • LAN and GPIB

Other Features

  • Graphs: I(t), Q(t), I(t) Q(t), P(t), spectrum, CCDF
  • Online documentation
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Free trial license, try it for 14-days

N7623B OPTIONS (73)
EDEL-ONLY-01 License certificate delivery - email only
N7623B-1FP Connect to E4438C ESG, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-1TP Connect to E4438C ESG, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-2FP Connect to E8267D PSG, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-2TP Connect to E8267D PSG, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-3FP Connect to N5182/62 MXG, N5172 EXG, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-3TP Connect to N5182/62 MXG, N5172 EXG, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-6FP Connect to N5106A PXB, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-6TP Connect to N5106A PXB, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-7FP Connect to simulation software, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-7NP Connect to simulation software, floating license
N7623B-8FP Connect to E6607 EXT, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-8TP Connect to E6607 EXT, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-9FP Connect to M9381A, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-9TP Connect to M9381A, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-AFP Connect to M819xA AWG, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-ATP Connect to M819xA AWG, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-EFP Advanced DVB-T/H real time, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-ETP Advanced DVB-T/H real-time, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-FFP Advanced DVB-C/J.83 Annex A/C real-time, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-FTP Advanced DVB-C/J.83 Annex A/C real-time, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-GFP Advanced DVB-S/S2 real-time, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-GTP Advanced DVB-S/S2 real-time, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-HFP Advanced DVB-T2 real-time, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-HTP Advanced DVB-T2 real-time, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-JFP Advanced ISDB-T real-time, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-JTP Advanced ISDB-T real-time, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-LFP Advanced DOCSIS 3.1, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-LNP Advanced DOCSIS 3.1, floating license
N7623B-LTP Advanced DOCSIS 3.1, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-MEF Minor enhancement update for floating options
N7623B-MEU Minor enhancement update
N7623B-MFP Advanced ISDB-Tmm, ISDB-T enhancement, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-MNP Advanced ISDB-Tmm, ISDB-T enhancement, floating license
N7623B-MTP Advanced ISDB-Tmm, ISDB-T enhancement, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-NFP Advanced ATSC-M/H, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-NNP Advanced ATSC-M/H, floating license
N7623B-NTP Advanced ATSC-M/H, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-PFP Advanced BER tools, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-PNP Advanced BER tools, floating license
N7623B-PTP Advanced BER tools, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-QFP Advanced DVB-T/H/C/J.83 Annex A/C, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-QNP Advanced DVB-T/H/C/J.83 Annex A/C, floating license
N7623B-QTP Advanced DVB-T/H/C/J.83 Annex A/C, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-RFP Advanced ISDB-T, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-RNP Advanced ISDB-T, floating license
N7623B-RTP Advanced ISDB-T, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-SFP Advanced DTMB, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-SNP Advanced DTMB, floating license
N7623B-STP Advanced DTMB, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-UFP Advanced ATSC, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-UNP Advanced ATSC, floating license
N7623B-UTP Advanced ATSC, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-VFP Advanced DVB-S, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-VNP Advanced DVB-S, floating license
N7623B-VTP Advanced DVB-S, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-WFP Advanced DVB-S2, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-WNP Advanced DVB-S2, floating license
N7623B-WTP Advanced DVB-S2, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-XFP Advanced J.83 Annex B, DOCSIS DS, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-XNP Advanced J.83 Annex B, DOCSIS DS, floating license
N7623B-XTP Advanced J.83 Annex B, DOCSIS DS, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-YFP Advanced CMMB, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-YNP Advanced CMMB, floating license
N7623B-YTP Advanced CMMB, transportable perpetual license
N7623B-ZFP Advanced DVB-T2, fixed perpetual license
N7623B-ZNP Advanced DVB-T2, floating license
N7623B-ZTP Advanced DVB-T2, transportable perpetual license
PS-S10 Remote scheduled productivity assistance. Select 1 to 999 hours.
PS-S10-04 4 Hours of Remote Scheduled Productivity assistance
PS-S10-08 8 Hours of Remote Scheduled Productivity Assistance.
PS-S20 Startup assistance
PS-S20-01 Recommended Startup assistance
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