Keysight (Agilent) Technologies U1604B Oscilloscopes


40Mhz Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

40MHz Handheld Digital Oscilloscope
Available on delivery: 5.00 weeks
  • USB host capability - Allows connectivity to USB storage device
40Mhz Handheld Digital Oscilloscope
Available on delivery: 5.00 weeks
  • Casing, soft
40MHz Handheld Digital Oscilloscope
Available on delivery: 5.00 weeks
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The Agilent U1604B handheld digital oscilloscope is a full-featured oscilloscope that offers maximum versatility for current and future needs. The Agilent U1604B model is a dual-channel, 40-MHz oscilloscope that has built-in DMM and DMM data logging functions.

The U1600 Series Handheld Scopes were voted No. 1 Product of the Year by readers of the German-language Elektronik Magazine in 2006.
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The U1604B is now available, with the same outstanding performance and reliability of the U1604B, but in bright orange casing. Designed to give maximum visibility, the vivid color underlines Agilent commitment to safety in each of its handhelds.

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Key Specification

40-MHz Bandwidth

  • 2 channels
  • Maximum 200 MSa/s Sampling Rate
  • Up to 125,000 points recording length
  • Large 4.5 inch color display


  • Waveform Zoom and Math Functions
  • 6000 count Digital Multimeter
  • DMM Data Logging Capability


  • Connectivity Standard: USB 2.0 Full Speed IO Interface

Optional Connectivity

  • USB Host Capability with Option 001 - Allows you to connect to a USB Memory Device and download waveforms instantaneously.
  • Note that this option has to be specified when placing an order as it cannot be retrofitted on completed or shipped units.

U1604B OPTIONS (53)
R-50C-011-3 Calibration Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 3 years
R-50C-011-5 Calibration Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
R-51B-001-5F Warranty Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
U1161A Test lead kit, extended
U1162A Alligator clip
U1163A Grabbers, SMT
U1164A Test probes, fine tip
U1168B Test lead kit
U1169A Test Probe Leads (with 19-mm tips and 4-mm tips)
U1176A LED flash light
U1181A Immersion probe type K
U1182A Surface probe, industrial
U1183A Probe, air
U1554A Probe tip, 1000v CAT Ii, 600v CAT Iii
U1560A Scope probe - X1 CAT III 300V
U1561A Scope probe - X10 CAT III 600V
U1562A Scope probe - X100 CAT III 600V
U1570A AC power adapter with power cord - offer to all countries except US
U1571A Battery pack, NiMH, 4500mA
U1580A DMM terminal test lead set
U1583B AC current clamp
U1586B Temperature module
U1590A Casing, soft
U1604B-001 USB host capability - Allows connectivity to USB storage device
U1604B-1PS Adapter for non US
U1604B-2PS Adapter for US
U1604B-950 Power cord - Argentina - 2 wire
U1604B-951 Power cord - China - 2 wire
U1604B-952 Power cord - Australia and New Zealand - 2 wire
U1604B-953 Power cord - United States and Canada - 2 wire
U1604B-954 Power cord - Continental Europe - 2 wire
U1604B-955 Power cord - United Kingdom; Singapore; and Hong Kong - 2 wire
U1604B-956 Power cord - Japan - 2 wire
U1604B-957 Power cord - India - 2 wire
U1604B-958 Power cord - Korea - 2 wire
U1604B-959 Power cord - Chile - 2 wire
U1604B-960 Power cord - South Africa - 2 wire
U1604B-961 Power cord - Thailand - 2 wire
U1604B-962 Power cord - Brazil - 2 wire 
U1604B-963 Power cord - Taiwan - 2 wire
U1604B-964 Power cord - Cambodia - 2 wire
U1604B-AB0 Taiwan - Traditional Chinese quick start guide, printed
U1604B-AB1 Korea - Korean quick start guide, printed
U1604B-AB2 China - Simplified Chinese quick start guide, printed
U1604B-ABA English language quick start guide, printed
U1604B-ABD Germany - German quick start guide, printed
U1604B-ABE Spain - Spanish quick start guide, printed
U1604B-ABF France - French quick start guide, printed
U1604B-ABJ Japan - Japanese quick start guide, printed
U1604B-ABP Portugal - Portugese quick start guide, printed
U1604B-ABZ Italy - Italian quick start guide, printed
U1604B-PLG Power cord - Continental European, only for EU distributor with multiple power cord standards
U1604B-STD Standard base unit with USB client - Allows connectivity to PC
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