Keysight (Agilent) Technologies N5245AS RF Network Analyzers


10 MHz to 50 GHz PNA-X Network Analyzer with Custom Solutions


Key Features and Functions
  • Reach for unrivaled excellence in your measurements and designs
  • Simplify your test stations by replacing racks and stacks of equipment
  • Increase productivity with the most integrated and flexible single-connection microwave test engine
  • Reduce test time with the world’s widest range of single-connection measurement applications
  • Test linear and nonlinear device characterization more accurately with the world’s best PNA-X

N5245AS OPTIONS (70)
N1966A Pulse/IO Adapter
N5245A-007 Automatic Fixture Removal
N5245A-008 Pulsed-RF Measurements
N5245A-010 Time-domain measurements
N5245A-015 Dynamic Uncertainty for S-Parameter Measurements
N5245A-020 Add IF inputs
N5245A-021 Add pulse modulator to internal first source
N5245A-022 Add pulse modulator to internal second source
N5245A-025 Add four internal pulse generators
N5245A-028 Noise figure measurements using standard receivers
N5245A-029 Fully-Corrected Noise-Figure Measurements to 50 GHz
N5245A-080 Frequency offset measurements
N5245A-082 Scalar calibrated converter measurements
N5245A-083 Vector and scalar calibrated converter measurements
N5245A-084 Embedded LO measurements
N5245A-086 Gain compression application
N5245A-087 Intermodulation distortion measurements
N5245A-088 Source phase control
N5245A-089 Differential and I/Q devices application
N5245A-090 Spectrum Analyzer
N5245A-093 Extended Spectrum Analyzer to 110 GHz
N5245A-094 Extended Spectrum Analyzer above 110 GHz
N5245A-118 Fast CW mode
N5245A-1A7 Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding (Not Accredited)
N5245A-1CM Rack mount kit for installation without handles
N5245A-1CP Rack mount kit for installation with handles
N5245A-200 2 ports, single source
N5245A-219 Add extended power range and bias-tees to 2 port analyzer
N5245A-224 Add internal second source, combiner and mechanical switches to 2-port analyzer
N5245A-400 4 ports, dual source
N5245A-419 Add extended power range and bias-tees to 4 port analyzer
N5245A-423 Add internal combiner and mechanical switches to 4-port analyzer
N5245A-460 Integrated true-mode stimulus application
N5245A-510 Nonlinear component characterization, full frequency range
N5245A-514 Nonlinear X-Parameters
N5245A-518 Nonlinear pulse envelope domain
N5245A-520 Arbitrary load impedance X-parameters
N5245A-551 N-port calibrated measurements
N5245A-897 Built-in performance test software for inclusive calibration, perpetual license
N5245A-898 Built-in performance test software for standards compliant calibration, perpetual license
N5245A-A6J ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration
N5245A-UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data
N5245AS-285 Add extended power range to 2 port analyzer (no bias-tees)
N5245AS-286 Add extended power range and mechanical switches (no bias-tees)
N5245AS-485 Add extended power range to 4 port analyzer (no bias-tees)
N5245AS-FWD Included firmware support offset
N5245AS-FWS Included firmware support deferral
N5245AS-H18 Remove Bypass R1 Switch
N5245AS-H30 Add IF Outputs
N5245AS-H83 Rear panel test port source access
N5245AS-H85 High Power Configurable
N5245AS-H86 High power configurable with mechanical switches
N6171A MATLAB Software
N6171A-M01 MATLAB-Basic Package, individual license - node-locked
N6171A-M02 MATLAB-Standard Package, individual license - node-locked
N6171A-M03 MATLAB-Advanced Package, individual license - node-locked
PS-S10 Remote scheduled productivity assistance. Select 1 to 999 hours.
PS-S20 Startup assistance
PS-S20-01 Recommended Startup assistance
PS-T10-PNA PNA operator training for 8 students at the customers site , H7215B-203
PS-T12-PNA PNA programming for 8 students at the customers site , H7215B-204
R-50C-011-3 Calibration Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 3 years
R-50C-011-5 Calibration Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
R-50C-011-MU-3 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties - 3 years
R-50C-011-MU-5 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties - 5 years
R-50C-016-3 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding - 3 years
R-50C-016-5 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding - 5 years
R-51B-001-5Z Warranty Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
R-51C-001-1CU Onsite Warranty - 1 year
R-51C-001-3CU Onsite Warranty - 3 years
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