Keysight (Agilent) Technologies U3020AY03 RF Network Analyzers


Optical O/E transmission E/O receiver test set

Optical O/E transmission E/O receiver test set
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Optical O/E transmission E/O receiver test set
U3020AY03 OPTIONS (53)
R-51B-001-5Z Warranty Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
U3020AY03-022 Hardware to connect a N5221A, 22A PNA to the U3020AY03
U3020AY03-025 Hardware to connect a N5224A, 25A, 27A PNA to the U3020AY03
U3020AY03-026 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz
U3020AY03-032 Hardware to connect a N5231A, 32A, 39A PNA-L to the U3020AY03
U3020AY03-035 Hardware to connect a N5234A, 35A PNA-L to the U3020AY03
U3020AY03-042 Hardware to connect a N5241A, 42A, 49A PNA-X to the U3020AY03
U3020AY03-045 Hardware to connect a N5244A, 45A, 47A PNA-X to the U3020AY03
U3020AY03-050 10 MHz to 50 GHz
U3020AY03-1CM Rack mount kit for installation without handles
U3020AY03-1CN Front handle kit
U3020AY03-1CP Rack mount kit for installation with handles
U3020AY03-1SR Port 1 Optical Source and Reference Receiver
U3020AY03-1TR Port 1 optical Tx, Port 2 optical Rx
U3020AY03-2TR Port 1 optical Tx and Rx, Port 2 optical Rx
U3020AY03-718 Options 1SR, 026, USB
U3020AY03-719 Options 1SR, 050, no USB
U3020AY03-720 Options 1SR, 050, USB
U3020AY03-801 Options 022, 026, 1SR
U3020AY03-802 Options 022, 026, F1P
U3020AY03-803 Options 022, 026, F2P
U3020AY03-804 Options 022, 050, F1P
U3020AY03-805 Options 022, 050, F2P
U3020AY03-806 Options 025, 026, 1SR
U3020AY03-807 Options 025, 026, F1P
U3020AY03-808 Options 025, 026, F2P
U3020AY03-809 Options 025, 050, F1P
U3020AY03-810 Options 025, 050, F2P
U3020AY03-811 Options 032, 026, 1SR
U3020AY03-812 Options 032, 026, F1P
U3020AY03-813 Options 032, 026, F2P
U3020AY03-814 Options 032, 050, F1P
U3020AY03-815 Options 032, 050, F2P
U3020AY03-816 Options 035, 026, 1SR
U3020AY03-817 Options 035, 026, F1P
U3020AY03-818 Options 035, 026, F2P
U3020AY03-819 Options 035, 050, F1P
U3020AY03-820 Options 035, 050, F2P
U3020AY03-821 Options 042, 026, 1SR
U3020AY03-822 Options 042, 026, F1P
U3020AY03-823 Options 042, 026, F2P
U3020AY03-824 Options 042, 050, F1P
U3020AY03-825 Options 042, 050, F2P
U3020AY03-826 Options 045, 026, 1SR
U3020AY03-827 Options 045, 026, F1P
U3020AY03-828 Options 045, 026, F2P
U3020AY03-829 Options 045, 050, F1P
U3020AY03-830 Options 045, 050, F2P
U3020AY03-831 Options 025, 050, 2TR
U3020AY03-832 Options 045, 050, 2TR
U3020AY03-F1P 1-Port configuration
U3020AY03-F2P Full 2-Port configuration
U3020AY03-USB USB optical port for remote module
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