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N1918A Power Analysis Manager
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The N1918A Power Analysis Manager is a powerful application software that complements the U2000 Series USB power sensors.

The software also enhances the capabilities of the N1911A/2A and N8262A P-Series power meters.

Download the new N1918A Power Analysis Manager! You will experience the enhanced features with Agilent U2000 USB sensors, P-series N1911A/12A power meter or N8262A P-series modular power meter. There are 3 different types of licensing available:

PC Licensing (Option 100)
This is a conventional Power Analysis Manager Software. For new user, you may enjoy 30 days free trial of the comprehensive features before it converts into basic mode (only basic features are available for power measurement). A PC license key is required for permanent use of full features. You may purchase the license key through Agilent sales representative. For existing user, please download the software and upgrade the software with the latest features. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista® and Windows 7 (64 bits).

Dongle Licensing (Option 200)
This license is an alternative licensing beside PC licensing, which meant for existing user who owns a portable USB license key in the form of USB thumb drive. This license key can be transferred from one PC/laptop to another for enabling the full features. Please contact Agilent representative if you interested to get one. For existing user, please download the software and upgrade the software with the latest features. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (64 bits).

Power Panel (Compact Display)
This is a compact ‘power panel’ display incorporated with basic power measurement features only. This software is mostly used as simplified power measurement display in Agilent instruments, laptop or PC.

Download the latest Power Analysis Manager software Click here

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Key Specification

  • Multiple display formats on large PC display
  • List view of more than 20 channels
  • Min, Max, math, limits and alerts
  • Data recording up to 7 days (with the licensed version)
  • Complete 15-point pulse characterization (for peak power analysis)
  • Overlay trace graph and waveform math (for peak power analysis)
  • PDF, CDF and CCDF statistical measurements (for peak power analysis)
  • Support P-series power meters (N1911A/12A), EPM power meters (N1913A/14A) and U2000 Series USB power sensors

N1918A OPTIONS (2)
N1918A-100 Power analyzer, fixed perpetual, PC license
N1918A-200 Power analyzer, transportable perpetual, USB license
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