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Audio Analyzer,Performance

10Hz-1.5MHz,±0.03dB,Performance Audio Analyzer
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The Keysight U8903B Performance Audio Analyser allows you to measure the most demanding audio devices with high accuracy. Perform audio measurements via a Bluetooth® link with the new Bluetooth option, and make the highest resolution two-channel measurements available when you expand your bandwidth to 1.5 MHz.


  • Test low distortion devices with a low residual distortion of < –110 dB
  • Expand your measurement bandwidth to measure from DC or 10 Hz to a maximum of 1.5 MHz
  • Make Bluetooth audio measurements with the new Bluetooth option
  • Configure the U8903B up to 8 analog analyser channels
  • Implement automatic test with the test sequence function

U8903B OPTIONS (55)
8121-1226 Power Cord Cable Assembly - Europe and South Korea C13, 10A, 250V
C13SPWR-900 Power Cord, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong
C13SPWR-901 Power Cord, Australia and New Zealand
C13SPWR-902 Power Cord, Continental Europe, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam
C13SPWR-903 Power Cord, United States and Canada (125V)
C13SPWR-904 Power Cord, United States and Canada (250V)
C13SPWR-906 Power Cord, Switzerland
C13SPWR-912 Power Cord, Denmark
C13SPWR-917 Power Cord, India
C13SPWR-918 Power Cord, Japan (100V)
C13SPWR-919 Power Cord, Israel
C13SPWR-920 Power Cord, Argentina
C13SPWR-921 Power Cord, Chile
C13SPWR-922 Power Cord, People's Republic of China
C13SPWR-923 Power Cord, South Africa
C13SPWR-927 Power Cord, Thailand and Philippines
C13SPWR-929 Power Cord, Japan (250V)
C13SPWR-930 Power Cord, Brazil
C13SPWR-931 Power Cord, Taiwan
C13SPWR-932 Power Cord, Cambodia
EDEL-ONLY-01 License certificate delivery - email only
R-50C-011-3 Calibration Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 3 years
R-50C-011-5 Calibration Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
R-50C-016-3 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding - 3 years
R-50C-016-5 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding - 5 years
R-51B-001-5Z Warranty Assurance Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years
U8903A-101 Male BNC to male BNC cable, 1.2m, jade gray
U8903A-102 Male BNC to male RCA cable, 2m, black
U8903A-103 Male XLR to female XLR, 2m, black
U8903A-107 Cable, accessory- Male XLR-2 male BNC analyzer, 0.26m
U8903A-108 Cable, accessory- Female XLR-2 male BNC generator, 0.26m
U8903A-109 BNC accessory kit
U8903A-908 Rackmount kit - 132.6H without handle
U8903B-0B1 English language user guide; printed
U8903B-0BN English service guide; printed
U8903B-105 Digital serial interface cable
U8903B-1A7 Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding (Not Accredited)
U8903B-201 Performance audio analyzer with 4 analog analyzer channel, digital audio (AES3/ SPDIF and DSI digital audio)
U8903B-209 Performance Audio Analyzer; 2 channels with 50Ohm impedance
U8903B-210 Performance audio analyzer with 4 analog analyzer channel, digital audio (AES3/ SPDIF and DSI digital audio) and Bluetooth
U8903B-211 Performance Audio Analyzer; 2 channels with 50Ohm impedance (increase bandwidth to 1.5MHz) and Bluetooth.
U8903B-A6J ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration
U8903B-ABJ Japan - Japanese user guide, printed
U8903B-AN4 Analog analyzer; 4 channels
U8903B-AN8 Analog analyzer; 8 channels
U8903B-AUX BNC, monitor input and output, and trigger auxiliary output
U8903B-BL2 Bluetooth card, secondary option slot
U8903B-BLU Bluetooth card
U8903B-DGT Digital audio card
U8903B-FT1 100 kHz low-pass filter
U8903B-FT3 300 kHz low-pass filter
U8903B-NAU BNC, trigger auxiliary input only
U8903B-STD Performance audio analyzer; 2 channels
U8903B-UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data
U8903BZ Audio Analyzer, Filters
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