Keysight (Agilent) Technologies E4402B RF Spectrum Analyzers



Frequency range : 9 kHz to 3 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth : 1 Hz to 5 MHz
Noise Floor/Dynamic range : -117 dBm to +30 dBm
3.0GHz,ESA-E Spectrum Analyser
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A4H, B75(1D5, 1DR, 1DS)
9KHz-3.0GHz,ESA-E Spectrum Analyser
1DN, B75(1DR, 1DS, 1D5), 1D6, AYX, A4H, BAA, UK9, 219, B72
ESA-E 3.0GHz Spectrum Analyser(NF)
3GHz ESA-E Spectrum Analyser
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3.0GHz,ESA-E,Spectrum Analyser
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3.0GHz,ESA-E Spectrum Analyser
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9KHz-3GHz,ESA-E Spectrum Analyser
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A4H, B72
ESA-E 3.0GHz Spectrum Analyser
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Customers looking for a general purpose spectrum analyzer will appreciate the flexibility of the ESA spectrum analyzer that can be used for a wide range of applications from aerospace and defense to the manufacturing line. Browse the ESA Brochure.

Customers who wish to take advantage of the ESA flexibility but who need a faster analyzer for the manufacturing line, or connectivity to LAN/USB in addition to GPIB, or want to do in depth signal analysis with 89600 VSA software will benefit from the new EXA signal analyzer. The EXA signal analyzer now comes standard with many of the ESAs optional features and yet offers more applications than the ESA.

Key Specification


  • 0.4 dB overall amplitude accuracy
  • 16 dBm TOI
  • -166 dBm DANL, with internal preamp
  • 1 Hz narrow resolution bandwidth (optional)

Measurement Applications

  • Phase Noise, Noise Figure, GSM/EDGE, cdmaOne and more view the full list of measurement applications
  • Agilent's PowerSuite one-button power measurements included as standard


  • 10 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Segmented sweep for up to 32 discontinuous spans in one sweep
  • Rugged and portable for lab grade performance in the field
  • 5 minute warm-up to guaranteed measurement accuracy

Configuration Selections

  • Standard express analyzer E4402B-STD for faster delivery time, includes options AYX, BAA.
  • Standard express analyzer with tracking generator E4402B-STG for faster delivery time, includes options 1DN, AYX, BAA.
  • Communications test express analyzer E4402B-COM for faster delivery time, includes options 1D5, 1DR, B7D, B7E, BAA.
  • Custom configuration for maximum flexibility with standard delivery time.

Keysight (Agilent) Technologies ESA Series Specturm Analyzers Products

ATE4401B - Signal Generator
E4402B - n/a
E4403B - ESA-L 9kHz-3.0GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4404B - n/a
E4405B - n/a
E4406A - VSA Transmitter tester
E4407B - ESA-E Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
E4407S - n/a
E4408B - ESA-L 9kHz-26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4402B OPTIONS (102)
E4402-1AX n/a
E4402-1DN n/a
E4402-219 n/a
E4402-225 n/a
E4402-226 n/a
E4402-227 n/a
E4402-228 n/a
E4402-229 n/a
E4402-304 n/a
E4402-685 n/a
E4402-B74 n/a
E4402-B7D n/a
E4402-BAC n/a
E4402-BAH n/a
E4402-CORE n/a
E4402B-042 n/a
E4402B-044 n/a
E4402B-060 n/a
E4402B-061 n/a
E4402B-0B0 n/a
E4402B-0B1 n/a
E4402B-106 n/a
E4402B-120 n/a
E4402B-1AX n/a
E4402B-1CP n/a
E4402B-1D5 n/a
E4402B-1D6 n/a
E4402B-1D7 n/a
E4402B-1DN n/a
E4402B-1DR n/a
E4402B-1DS n/a
E4402B-219 n/a
E4402B-225 n/a
E4402B-226 n/a
E4402B-227 n/a
E4402B-228 n/a
E4402B-229 n/a
E4402B-230 n/a
E4402B-231 n/a
E4402B-252 n/a
E4402B-266 n/a
E4402B-290 n/a
E4402B-304 n/a
E4402B-900 n/a
E4402B-901 n/a
E4402B-902 n/a
E4402B-903 n/a
E4402B-906 n/a
E4402B-912 n/a
E4402B-917 n/a
E4402B-918 n/a
E4402B-919 n/a
E4402B-920 n/a
E4402B-921 n/a
E4402B-922 n/a
E4402B-927 n/a
E4402B-A4H n/a
E4402B-A5D n/a
E4402B-A6J n/a
E4402B-AB0 n/a
E4402B-AB1 n/a
E4402B-AB2 n/a
E4402B-ABD n/a
E4402B-ABE n/a
E4402B-ABF n/a
E4402B-ABJ n/a
E4402B-ABZ n/a
E4402B-AKT n/a
E4402B-AMG n/a
E4402B-AXT n/a
E4402B-AYQ n/a
E4402B-AYT n/a
E4402B-AYU n/a
E4402B-AYX n/a
E4402B-B70 n/a
E4402B-B75 n/a
E4402B-B7B n/a
E4402B-B7D n/a
E4402B-B7E n/a
E4402B-B7K n/a
E4402B-BAA n/a
E4402B-BAC n/a
E4402B-BAH n/a
E4402B-COM n/a
E4402B-CST n/a
E4402B-H3B n/a
E4402B-H70 n/a
E4402B-J36 n/a
E4402B-STD n/a
E4402B-STG n/a
E4402B-UK6 n/a
E4402B-UK9 n/a
E4402B-UKB n/a
EDEL-ONLY-01 n/a
PS-S10 Remote scheduled productivity assistance. Select 1 to 999 hours.
PS-S20 Startup assistance
PS-S20-01 Recommended Startup assistance
PS-T10-ESA Spectrum analyzer measurements, 1 day, H7215B-169. max 8 students on site.
R-50C-011-3 n/a
R-50C-011-5 n/a
R-51B-001-5Z n/a
RS232-61601 Cable, RS232, 9 pin
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