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EasyEXPERT Software and Measurement Libraries

EasyEXPERT Software & Measurement Libraries
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A complete solution from DC to fast pulsed measurement

The Agilent EasyEXPERT software supports all aspects of parametric test, from basic IV and CV sweeps to advanced ultra-fast IV and pulsed IV measurements. The furnished library of over 230 user-modifiable application tests makes it easy to begin making complicated measurements immediately. Best of all, the B1500A's Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional operating system integrates easily into your PC-based work environment, and its familiar Windows GUI and convenient online help menus minimize the need for instrument training.

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Features and Benefits

  • Categorized and predefined application test library
  • GUI-based application test editor
  • Save/Recall “My Favorite Setups”
  • Define/customize application library
  • Execute measurement (Single/Repeat/Append)
  • Quick test execution
  • Direct control (GPIB FLEX)
  • Save/Recall measurement data and settings
  • Test result data management
  • Import/Export device definition, measurementsettings, my favorite setup, measurement data, and application library
  • Graph plot display/analysis/printing
  • Switching matrix control (not available for B1505A)
  • Workspace management
  • Self-test, self-calibration, diagnostics
Analyzer item B1540A-001 EasyEXPERT standard version (Free) B1540A-002 EasyEXPERT Plus version
B1500A IV Sweep Yes Yes
  Multi channel Sweep Yes Yes
  Sampling Yes Yes
  QSCV function Yes Yes
  List Sweep Yes Yes
  Bias hold/Standby Yes Yes
  HV-SPGU Yes Yes
  B220xA Control GUI Yes Yes
  E5250A Control GUI No Yes

Key Specification

General features

  • Intuitive, task-oriented approach to parametric test
  • Furnished with over 230 pre-defined, user-modifiable application tests
  • Automatically save data to hard disk drive or any networked drive
  • Supported measurement instruments: B1500A, B1505A, B2200A/B2201A, E4980A, 81110A, 3458A etc.

Product benefits

  • The best choice for all your parametric characterization needs
  • Quick Test utility supports test sequencing without programming
  • Classic test mode on EasyEXPERT gives the look, feel and terminology of the 4155/4156
  • An improved CSV format capability for exporting date into applications such as Microsoft® Excel

Measurement functions

  • Staircase sweep
  • Multi-channel sweep
  • Pulsed sweep
  • Staircase sweep with pulsed bias

B1540A OPTIONS (1)
B1540A-001 EasyEXPERT Software on B1500A with License To Use for Standard version
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