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ONX-610 Family

ONX-610 Family
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OneExpert CATV (ONX-610/620) helps field technicians fix problems right—the first time. A technician-friendly interface and OneCheck™ automated tests ease complex tasks with a simple dashboard that shows clear, pass/fail results. And, its future-proof modularity ensures years of use supporting CATV and home networks.

Comprehensive Tools Increase Productivity We built expertise into OneExpert so that technicians at any skill level can quickly optimize performance. With a modular platform that adapts easily to rapidly changing technologies, OneExpert CATV is:

Simple — Auto channel identification eliminates channel plan build, maintenance, and deployment overhead and enables automated testing without the potential for channel plan related test failures

Fast — OneCheck™ uses powerful processing and exceptional speed to make more complete testing practical: a tech can run a comprehensive test, including MER and BER on all channels, in about a minute

Powerful — More intelligent, powerful algorithms running in the background while testing enables the meter to point out any problems and suggest next troubleshooting steps

High-Powered Simplicity Turns Every Technician into an Expert With OneExpert, expertise is built-in. We took decades of testing experience and incorporated that knowledge in a way that makes every technician an expert with the simple press of a button. OneExpert simplifies a technician’s decision-making process by focusing on three primary tests:

OneCheck comprehensive and automated testing of Ingress, Downstream and DOCSIS with Session Expert™ to help resolve problems

DOCSIS Check real-time analysis and powerful troubleshooting of upstream and downstream DOCSIS carriers and data services

ChannelCheck real-time analysis and powerful troubleshooting of downstream carriers

Additional OneExpert test capabilities ensure technicians master any QAM, PON/RFOG, IP video, business-service, or home-network challenge. Its future-proof design adapts easily to rapidly changing technologies, assuring low total-cost-of-ownership.

AD-22037471 Adapter Cord Type M for South Africa
AD-22037472 Power Cord C13 250V 10A for UK/Ireland with 3A Fuse Length 2 Meters
AD-22037483 Adapter Cord Argentina
AD-22037484 Adapter Cord Australia/New Zealand
AD-22037485 Adapter Cord Brazil
AD-22037487 Adapter Cord Europe
AD-22037488 Adapter Cord Denmark
AD-22037489 Adapter Cord Israel
AD-22037490 Adapter Cord Italy
AD-22037491 Adapter Cord Japan
AD-22037492 Adapter Cord Switzerland
AD-22037493 Adapter Cord NAmerica
ONX-610-65-BASIC OneExpert CATV-ONX-610 Meter 65MHz-Basic Pkg
ONX-610-65-IPX OneExpert CATV-ONX-610 Meter 65MHz-IPX Pkg
ONX-610-65-TSX OneExpert CATV-ONX-610 Meter 65MHz-TSX Pkg
ONX-610D31-42-10-BAS OneExpert - ONX-610 D31 Meter - 42MHz - 1.0G - BASIC PKG
ONX-610D31-42-10-IPX OneExpert - ONX-610 D31 Meter - 42MHz - 1.0G - IPX PKG
ONX-610D31-42-10-TSX OneExpert - ONX-610 D31 Meter - 42MHz - 1.0G - TSX PKG
ONX-610D31-65-12-BAS ONX-610D31-65-12-BAS;OneExpert - ONX-610 D31 Meter - 65MHz - 1.2G - BASIC PKG
ONX-610D31-65-12-IPX ONX-610D31-65-12-IPX;OneExpert - ONX-610 D31 Meter - 65MHz - 1.2G - IPX PKG
ONX-610D31-65-12-TSX ONX-610D31-65-12-TSX;OneExpert - ONX-610 D31 Meter - 65MHz - 1.2G - TSX PKG
ONX-620-65-85-BASIC OneExpert CATV-ONX-620 Meter 65/85 MHz-Basic Pkg
ONX-620-65-85-IPX OneExpert CATV-ONX-620 Meter 65/85 MHz-IPX Pkg
ONX-620-65-85-TSX OneExpert CATV-ONX-620 Meter 65/85 MHz-TSX Pkg
ONX-620D31-4285-1010-BAS OneExpert - ONX-620 D31 Meter - 42/85MHz - 1.0G/1.0G - BASIC PKG
ONX-620D31-4285-1010-IPX OneExpert - ONX-620 D31 Meter - 42/85MHz - 1.0G/1.0G - IPX PKG
ONX-620D31-4285-1010-TSX OneExpert - ONX-620 D31 Meter - 42/85MHz - 1.0G/1.0G - TSX PKG
ONX-620D31-6520-1212-BAS ONX-620D31-6520-1212-BAS;OneExpert - ONX-620 D31 Meter - 65/200MHz - 1.2G/1.2G - BASIC PKG
ONX-620D31-6520-1212-IPX ONX-620D31-6520-1212-IPX;OneExpert - ONX-620 D31 Meter - 65/200MHz - 1.2G/1.2G - IPX PKG
ONX-620D31-6520-1212-TSX ONX-620D31-6520-1212-TSX;OneExpert - ONX-620 D31 Meter - 65/200MHz - 1.2G/1.2G - TSX PKG
ONX-630D31-4285-1012-NTX ONX-630D31-4285-1012-NTX;OneExpert CATV ONX-630 D31 Meter 42/85 MHz - 1.0G/1.2G - NTX PKG
ONX-630D31-4285-1012-SWX ONX-630D31-4285-1012-SWX;OneExpert CATV ONX-630 D31 Meter 42/85 MHz - 1.0G/1.2G - SWX PKG
ONX-630D31-6520-1212-NTX ONX-630D31-6520-1212-NTX;OneExpert CATV ONX-630 D31 Meter 65/204 MHz - 1.2G/1.2G - NTX PKG
ONX-630D31-6520-1212-SWX ONX-630D31-6520-1212-SWX;OneExpert CATV ONX-630 D31 Meter 65/204 MHz - 1.2/1.2G - SWX PKG
ONX-CATV-BATT-48WHR Battery - 48WHr - OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-BATT-96WHR Battery - 96WHr - OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-D3-4285 OneExpert CATV - D3 Module - 42/85 MHz
ONX-CATV-D3-6585 OneExpert CATV - D3 Module - 65/85 MHz
ONX-CATV-D31-42-85-1G OneExpert CATV D31 Module 42/85 MHz 1.0/1.0 GHz
ONX-CATV-D31-65200-1212 OneExpert CATV - D3.1 Module - 65/200 MHz 1.2/1.2GHz
ONX-CATV-DLX-ACCY-KIT Accessory Kit with Large Case - OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-MF OneExpert CATV - Mainframe
ONX-CATV-STD-ACCY-KIT Accessory Kit-Std Fitted Protective Case-OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-610BASE Software Option-ONX-610 Base Model-OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-620BASE Software Option-ONX-620 Base Model-OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-BT Software Option-Bluetooth Enabled-OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-D3-32 Software Option-DOCSIS 32 Bonded-OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-D31 Software Option - DOCSIS 3.1 - OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-IPVIDEO Software Option - IP Video - OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-IPX-PKG Software Option-IPX Package-OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-MOBILE Software Option-Mobile App Integration-OneExpert CATV
ONX-CATV-SW-TSX-PKG Software Option-TSX Package-OneExpert CATV
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