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Electro Rent Asset Auditing
Electro Rent offers Test Equipment Asset Audits that are essential for compliance, financial reporting and control.
Test Equipment Asset Audits give you an accurate record of your test and measurement equipment as well as its location and condition. With the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, this Electro Rent Asset Management Service helps companies meet their compliance requirements with test and measurement equipment.
Electro Rent is a Gold Member of the Institute of Asset Management. Our Asset Audit not only helps identify where test equipment is located, but also what equipment needs to be upgraded or sold, freeing valuable cash to reinvest in new equipment.
Electro Rent will send its own specialist technicians to each of your sites and give you an accurate assessment of what you own, where it is, and what condition it is in. We can arrange for you to sell any unused test & measurement equipment and identify the best way to control and track your assets effectively in the future.
As part of our Complete Asset Management Program, our Asset Audits give you a starting point for making decisions about how to manage your test and measurement assets.
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