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Microlease Calibration and Repair
Microlease prides itself on the quality of its Calibration and Repair facilities which meet ISO 9001 standards.
Many times Test Equipment just needs a little attention to get it back to peak efficiency. Our highly skilled and experienced calibration engineers will ensure your Test Equipment is up-to-date, certified, and ready to deploy. We can handle everything from calibration through to equipment repairs and preventative maintenance.
Whether it's your own Test Equipment or Microlease Assets that you rent or lease from us, Microlease can provide Calibration and Repair to keep your equipment working in peak condition.
Each time you use Microlease Calibration Services your Test and Measurement Equipment will be issued with a Calibration Certificate which you can track through our Online Asset Tracking tool.
The process couldn't be easier; simply call our Customer Calibration Centre and let us know what you need. We'll arrange collection, book it in to one of our Calibration and Repair facilities in the UK or US, and have it back to you without the hassle of having to handle it yourself.
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