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Buy Electro Rent Certified Pre-Owned Equipment with Confidence
Used Test & Measurement (T&M) equipment is an excellent way to reduce the cost of equipment. And now you have a great new choice that saves your money and gives you total peace of mind- Electro Rent Certified Pre-Owned!:
Electro Rent Certified Pre-Owned is central to our mission to help you acquire, use and dispose of test assets with maximum efficiency. We offer carefully selected instruments, including ex-rental units maintained throughout life by Electro Rent and quality units sourced from the blue-chip companies whose test assets we manage. All fully refurbished and backed by a comprehensive warranty - and at great prices up to 87% off list!
Unlike many others, we only advertise units available and stock is updated continuosly.
When you get from Electro Rent Certified Pre-Owned :
  • High Availability- over 5,000 instruments ready to ship.
  • Savings- up to 87% off list!
  • Quality - 23-point quality check and calibration included.
  • Peace of Mind - 12 month guarantee and extended terms available
  • Speed - immediate shipping to over 150 countries
Ask about our Finance programmes including Rent-to-Buy and Divide-by-12 as well as Trade- in options.
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