Advantest U3772 RF Spectrum Analyzers


Field Use Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency range : 9 kHz to 43 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth : 100 Hz to 3 MHz
Noise Floor/Dynamic range : -139 dBm to +30 dBm
9kHz - 43GHz Spectrum Analyzer
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The U3771/U3772 sets a new standard for microwave spectrum analyzers. An analyzer that combines portability, a quality required for inspecting and servicing different types of communication systems, with maximum functionality in the field. Making full use of the newest digital circuit and software technology in the world’s smallest and lightest (less than 6 kg) form factor, the U3771/U3772 achieves dramatic advances in level measurement accuracy and stability. Employing leading edge software technologies to provide image suppression capabilities and an array of data analysis functions as standard features This field-use spectrum analyzer employs 3-way power operation (battery, DC and AC), warms up quickly (within 5 minutes) and has an USB interface enabling the use of largecapacity memory for data storage.

  • 9 kHz to 32 GHz (U3771) or 43 GHz (U3772)
  • Compact and light-weight
  • 308(W)x175(H)x209(D)mm
  • 5.6kg or less
  • 5 Min. Warm-up
  • All but eliminates preheat time considerations
  • Reaches operational specifications (level measurement accuracy) within just 5 minutes
  • USB Interface
  • Operating with Battery
  • Includes a detachable battery pack
  • Can operate continuously for up to 2 hours after a full-charge time of 5.5 hours
Now Available! 2-Channel RF Inputs

Two-channel input option (OPT.10/OPT.11) offers two independent lines of RF input. Various measurement conditions including measuring frequency and spans can be set independently for each RF input.

6 GHz Tracking Generator Option

High-frequency information equipment such as Wireless LAN and ETC have spread rapidly. On the testing process of high-frequency devices such as antennas or filters, cost reduction has emerged as a formidable challenge to us. Because the tracking generator OPT.77 supports up to 6 GHz, the generator is capable of supporting up to 6 GHz of devices, which the conventional OPT.76 (3 GHz) tracking generator could not support. On the other hand, the OPT.77 can support a wide range of devices such as high-frequency information equipment, so that the OPT.77 makes a great contribution to reducing the cost of testing various devices used for information equipment.

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