Buy Any Keysight Big5 Bench, Get a Complimentary Handheld!
Empower your engineers with a handy, reliable tool for carrying out measurement and test on the go

Be eligible to receive the Keysight U1242C Handheld DMM (worth $300 USD) at no cost when you buy any Keysight Big5 Bench equipment, including select power supplies, waveform generators, and more. The complimentary U1242C is IP67 certified (water and dust resistant) with up to 400 hours of long battery life.

View the list of qualifying equipment below, and go to to claim your complimentary Handheld DMM.


  Big5 Bench Product Families  Promotion Products  Description
 Big5 Bench 1:
 Low-Profile Modular Power  System (MPS) & DC Power  Analyzer

 Keysight N6700B/C
 Low-Profile Modular Power System Mainframe, 400 W
 Keysight N6701A/C
 Low-Profile Modular Power System Mainframe, 600 W
 Keysight N6702A/C
 Low-Profile Modular Power System Mainframe, 1200 W
 Keysight N6705B/C
 DC Power Analyzer, 600 W 
 Big5 Bench 2:
Programmable DC Power Supply

 Keysight E36102/3/4/5/6A
 DC Power Supply, Single Output, 30 W - 40 W models 
 Keysight E36311/2/3A  DC Power Supply, Triple Output, 80 W - 160 W models
 Big5 Bench 3:
 DAQ/Data Logger Switch Unit

 Keysight 34970A
 Data Acquisition / Switch Unit with GPIB & RS232 
 Keysight 34972A
 LXI Data Acquisition Switch Unit with LAN & USB
 Big5 Bench 4:
 Trueform Waveform Generator

 Keysight 33611/2A
 Waveform generator, 80 MHz, single & dual channel models
 Keysight 33621/2A
 Waveform generator, 120 MHz, single & dual channel models
 Big5 Bench 5:
B2900 Precision SMU / Low-Noise  Power Source / Picoammeter /  Electrometer
 Keysight B2901/2A
 Precision Source / Measure Unit, 100 fA, 210 V, 3 A DC / 10.5 A Pulse, single & dual channel models
 Keysight B2911/2A
 Precision Source / Measure Unit, 10 fA, 210 V, 3 A DC / 10.5 A Pulse, single & dual channel models
 Keysight B2961/2A
 Low-Noise Power Source, 10 fA / 100 nV resolution, 210 V, 3 A DC / 10.5 A Pulse, 31.8 W, single & dual channel models
 Keysight B2981/3A
 Femto / Picoammeter, 0.01 fA (Battery option on B2983A)
 Keysight B2985/7A
 Electrometer / High Resistance Meter, 0.01 fA (Battery option on B2987A)



Promotion Terms:

  • Reference the promotional code 6.015
  • Promotion valid April 1, 2017 through September 30, 2017 in the U.S. and Canada
  • To claim your complimentary scope go to:
  • Customers must purchase a new Keysight Bench product (listed in the table)
  • Purchases of premium used equipment are not eligible
  • Complimentary U1242C handheld DMM comes with a 3-year warranty, batteries and user guides in multiple languages
  • Options can be purchased separately with the qualifying bench purchase
  • If qualifying equipment in the original order is returned for any reason, the complimentary U1242C handheld DMM must also be returned.
  • Keysight Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offering during the promotional period