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Test at Breakneck Speeds with System Power Supplies Webinar
Improving test throughput is a challenge many engineers involved with providing electronic products, assemblies, or components face in order to remain competitive.

Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn how the test system DC power supply can have a large impact on test time in a multitude of ways, from fundamental speed performance differences that can take seconds off test time, to advanced capabilities that can squeeze every last millisecond out of that specialized component test need!
Online, 3/30/2017
Millimeter-Wave Measurement Challenges Seminar
Join us for this complimentary workshop to learn the basics of cm and mmWave technologies from the perspective of spectrum, wavelength, and bandwidth. A number of associated design and measurement challenges will be examined along with ways to solve them.

If you are an engineer and technician working at millimeter-wave frequencies this seminar is for you! Applications include 5G, military and automotive radar, 802.11ad, 802.11ay WiGig, fronthaul and backhaul networks.
Santa Clara, CA 95051, 4/12/2017
Characterization and Compliance Testing for 400G / PAM-4 Designs Seminar
Join Microlease and Keysight for this complimentary seminar (lunch is included), and we'll bring you up to speed on characterization and compliance testing for 400G/PAM-4 designs.

This seminar will cover both electrical and optical compliance testing to the latest drafts of these standards, as well as additional tools for simulation and design validation to assure interoperability. Designers and signal integrity engineers who need to simulate and validate PAM-4/100G/400G designs are encouraged to attend!
Santa Clara, CA 95051, 4/27/2017
Keysight Test-Drive 2017
Join us for your chance to test-drive Keysight's latest RF signal analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, and bench instruments at a location near you. This unique seminar includes:

  • Practical, hands-on workshops
  • Your chance to win a U1273A handheld multimeter
  • Course completion certificate
Space is limited, and classes will fill quickly. 
Multiple US Locations, On Going
The Microlease MDO3000 Demo Tour
Sign up Today to interact with the MDO3000 at your lab. Learn from our experts how the new MDO can transform the way you test with one of the most integrated oscilloscopes in the industry. 
US, Nationwide, On Going
Recorded Webinar: RF Analysis Basics
Engineers face increasingly complex design and measurement, as well as rapidly changing technology. To be successful, you need a strong foundation in basic measurement and simulation techniques. View this webinar to improve your understanding of basic RF measurement and analysis.
Recorded Webinar, 9/22/2016
Recorded Webinar: Internet of Things

In this webinar, learn IoT test tips and best practices. Whether you are designing IoT devices for wearables, smart energy, industrial applications, transportation, building or home automation, you will have the opportunity to learn how to test more efficiently.

Recorded Webinar, 4/14/2016
Recorded Webinar: Ka Band Satellite Ground Station Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Satellite communications are targeted for very long range communications. As such, satellite grounds stations must provide very high uplink transmit power, receive very low signals on the downlink, and compensate for link variations due to weather and satellite/ground antenna changes. In this hour long webinar, we'll review the ka (26.5 - 40GHz) band network, technical challenges to maintain Ka band networks, discuss ground and space segment tests, and how Fieldfox can help maintain/troubleshoot Ka band ground stations and in orbit satellites.
Recorded Webinar, 3/29/2016
Recorded Webinar: Power Integrity Measurements - Choosing the Right Tools
This 1 hour long webinar will discuss tools and techniques for making power integrity measurements for all three phases of the design process: AC input analysis and DC output analysis of a switch-mode power supply, power rail integrity within your device, and low power consumption measurement techniques.
Recorded Webinar, 1/27/2016
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