Tektronix MDO3000
    The MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope is completely customizable, fully upgradeable, and offers an integrated spectrum analyzer, arbitrary function generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, and digital voltmeter/counter.
    • Standard: RF frequency range: 9 kHz - oscilloscope bandwidth
    • 1 GHz, 500 MHz, 350 MHz, 200 MHz, 100 MHz bandwidth models
    • Ultra-wide capture bandwidth up to 3 GHz
    • Fully upgradeable: Add functionality, increase bandwidth or spectrum analyzer frequency range over time as your needs change or budget allows
Tektronix MDO4000C

    Introducing the world’s highest performance 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope. The MDO4000C is completely customizable and fully upgradeable - ensuring usefulness for years to come. 

    • 4 analog channels
    • 1 GHz, 500 MHz, and 200 MHz bandwidth models
    • Up to 5 GS/s sample rate
    • 20 M record length on all channels
    • >340,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate

View Our Available Models: MDO4104CMDO4054CMDO4034CMDO4024C

Tektronix RSA306B

This USB spectrum analyzer offers full-featured analysis, in your hands at a breakthrough price. Key features include:

  • 9 kHz-6.2 GHz, USB 3.0 powered spectrum analyzer with SignalVu-PC
  • Design, interference hunting, EMC diagnostics, and education
  • Now with improved dynamic range and a 3-year warranty
Tektronix RSA500A Series

Fast and light, the RSA503A and RSA507A offer an all-in-one field tool for spectrum analysis. Key features include:

  • 9 kHz-7.5 GHz, 40 MHz capture bandwidth, USB 3.0 powered spectrum analyzer with SignalVu-PC
  • Unmatched interference hunting
  • Rugged chassis and battery operated
  • Tracking generator option available
  • 3-year warranty

*Accessories include calibration kits, powered bias-T, Panasonic ToughPad® tablet PC, carrying cases, directional antennas, cables and adapters

Learn More About the 9 kHz-3 GHz RSA503A or the 9 kHz-7.5 GHz RSA507A

Tektronix RSA600A Series

The Tektronix RSA603A and RSA607A are the essential tools for wireless analysis and testing. Key features include:

  • 9 kHz-7.5 GHz, 40 MHz, USB 3.0 spectrum analyzer with SignalVu-PC
  • Analyze popular wideband signals, including 802.11
  • Popular wireless standards support, including Bluetooth and WLAN modules
  • EMI pre-compliance checking and troubleshooting
  • Tracking generator option available
  • 3-year warranty

Learn More About the 9 kHz-3 GHz RSA603A or the 9 kHz-7.5 GHz RSA607A

Tektronix 5 Series MSO Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
With a remarkably innovative pinch-swipe-zoom touchscreen user interface, the industry's largest high-definition display, and 4, 6, or 8 FlexChannel™ inputs that let you measure one analog or eight digital signals, the 5 Series MSO is ready for today’s toughest challenges, and tomorrow’s too.
  • Up to 8 FlexChannelsTM
  • 350 MHz - 2 GHz Models available
  • Real-time sample rate of 6.25 GS/s and Interpolated sample rate of 500 GS/s
  • 62.5M record length on all channels, with optional upgrade to 125 M
  • >500,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate
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